Magnetron sputtering

In magnetron sputtering, magnetic fields focus plasmas onto target material surfaces, ejecting material that moves through the plasma to coat substrates. Suitable for depositing most materials (with correct choice of sputtering power supply).

Magnetron sputtering is a core speciality of Moorfield, with most of our systems offering this technique.

Moorfield systems for Magnetron sputtering:

MiniLab 080


The MiniLab range from Moorfield: Flexible, modular PVD systems for high-quality R&D and pilot-scale production.

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A high-performance, high-vacuum PVD system in a compact package for benchtop location. Superior, efficient performance for a multitude of R&D thin-film deposition applications.

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The nanoEM system is the first electron microscopy coating tool with a full, research-grade feature set.

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