Chemical vapour deposition
Chemical vapour deposition
Moorfield’s nanoCVD range allow for rapid, cost-effective production of graphene and carbon nanotubes using scalable Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) methods.
E-beam evaporation
E-beam evaporation
During electron beam evaporation (or E-Beam evaporation), evaporant materials are heated to high temperatures through bombardment by high-energy electron streams.
Combined glovebox-compatible annealing/soft-etching station based on the MiniLab 026 platform
Glovebox annealing
Glovebox Annealing Integrated MiniLab systems with annealing hardware for substrate heating under controlled conditions, and transfer to/from inert atmospheres.
Glovebox deposition system MiniLab 090
Glovebox deposition
Glovebox Deposition integrated MiniLab PVD systems for metals, inorganics and organics thin-film deposition with sample handling in inert environments.
Glovebox systems
Glovebox integrated systems
Glovebox-compatible MiniLab systems for physical vapour deposition (PVD), etching and annealing processes.
Glovebox soft etching
Glovebox soft-etching
Moorfield introduce their glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 “soft-etching” tools for researchers working on graphene and 2D materials that require sample handling in inert atmospheres.
Low temperature evaporation
Low temperature evaporation
In low temperature evaporation (LTE), resistive heating is used to evaporate materials held in a crucible.
Magnetron Sputtering
Magnetron sputtering
In magnetron sputtering, magnetic fields focus plasmas onto target material surfaces, ejecting material that moves through the plasma to coat substrates. Suitable for depositing most materials (with correct choice of sputtering power supply).
Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition
Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition
Nanoparticle vacuum deposition sources allow for the deposition, under high-vacuum conditions, of nanoparticles with sizes in the range of 1–20 nm. The sources can be fitted to MiniLab systems with process chambers customised for accepting the necessary hardware.
Physical vapour deposition
PVD systems have been at the core of our business for two decades.
Plasma etching
Plasma etching technology from Moorfield is used for for Soft Etching of sensitive materials, reactive ion etching (RIE) and for substrate cleaning. The technology is available packaged into dedicated nanoETCH tools or in combination with other hardware inside larger MiniLab process chambers and load-locks.
Thermal Evaporation
Thermal evaporation
Thermal evaporation is a straightforward means of thin film deposition with materials being heated to evaporation temperatures via a resistively heated support.
Thermal processing
Thermal processing
Complete thermal processing systems and bespoke components for high-temperature sample processing under controlled low-pressure, inert and reactive atmospheres.

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