Moorfield provide a range of laboratory systems as PVD, CVD, etch and annealing solutions.

We listen to requirements and routinely build solutions per specific applications. Browse below to discover more about the various ways we help our customers.

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Physical Vapour Deposition

Physical Vapour Deposition

Small-scale R&D to pilot-scale production systems for thin-film deposition. Multiple techniques, e-beam, magnetron sputtering, low- and high-temperature thermal evaporation. Range of chamber sizes and pumping system to suit all budgets.

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Chemical vapour deposition

Chemical Vapour Deposition

Our nanoCVD range consists of systems optimised for the rapid, high-throughput production of graphene and single-walled carbon nanotubes via the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technique. The systems use cold-walled technology to provide rapid, high-throughput production of high-quality CVD carbon nanomaterials. All systems are designed for benchtop positioning with minimal installation requirements.

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Developed with the Nobel Prize-winning graphene group at Manchester University, UK, etching technology from Moorfield is unique in providing the fine control needed for substrate and device preparation in world-leading 2D materials research. We can provide systems and retrofit components to your existing tools.

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Thermal processing

Thermal Processing

Systems and heater stages for R&D thermal processing requirements. Annealing under controlled pressures and chemistries, e.g., vacuum or specific gases.

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