Thermal Processing

Complete thermal processing systems and bespoke components for high-temperature sample processing under controlled low-pressure, inert and reactive atmospheres.

Substrate heating is a common laboratory requirement, for numerous applications. Moorfield produce complete systems for precisely-controlled substrate heating up to 1000 °C under controlled atmospheres. A variety of different heating technologies are available—depending on the application.

Standalone components including heating stages and power supplies can also be supplied.

Thermal Processing System – ANNEAL by Moorfield Nanotechnology


Complete systems for substrate annealing up to 1000 °C, with precisely-controlled atmospheric conditions. Benchtop designs and a range of options for customisation to user requirements.

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Heating and power supplies

Heating stages and power supplies

Various element and assembly materials to match environment and temperature requirements. Bespoke designs to fit your samples and system. Power supplies also available. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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