Evonetix installation a success

Evonetix is set to revolutionise de novo gene synthesis to facilitate the fast-growing and exciting field of synthetic biology. Our unique selling point is driven by high fidelity and parallelisation of gene synthesis.

At Evonetix, we are pioneering an innovative approach to scalable and high-fidelity gene synthesis. We wanted to build a capability to evaporate metals onto various substrates and approached Moorfield Nanotechnology, who customised a Minilab 026 evaporator to our requirements. Throughout the process, the team at Moorfield Nanotechnology were friendly and knowledgeable, providing onsite training before and after installation. The Minilab 026 has proven an extremely useful addition here at Evonetix. In particular,  we like the compact design, how easy it is to use, and the increase in sample throughput it has enabled. We would recommend the equipment and the team to anybody.

Dr. Dan Bratton Ph.D

Learn more about Evonetix and their work in revolutionising gene synthesis in the field of synthetic biology at evonetix.com

The Evonetix Team with their newly installed MiniLab 026

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