Low temperature evaporation

In low temperature evaporation (LTE), resistive heating is used to evaporate materials held in a crucible.

LTE is suitable for materials with low evaporation temperatures of <600 °C, including organics (for OLED, OPV and OFET applications). Moorfield offers a range of solutions for LTE, including our MiniLab systems and our bench top nanoPVD-T15A system.

Technical notes about Low temperature evaporation:

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Moorfield systems for Low temperature evaporation:

The MiniLab range from Moorfield: Flexible, modular PVD systems for high-quality R&D and pilot-scale production….
Model ST15A offers the combination of evaporation and sputtering techniques within a single process chamber. Ultimate research flexibility within a benchtop, automated package….
High-performance metals, organic evaporation in compact packages for benchtop location. Superior, efficient performance and ideal for OLED, OPV and OFET research….

Recent news posts about Low temperature evaporation:

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