Using recirculating chillers

Don't land yourself in cold water. Protect your investment with a chiller
Recirculating chillers

When you’ve been in this business for twenty-seven years, a few things strike you as being a good investment – and a chiller is definitely one of them:

  • Unlike mains water, the fluid is designed to be non-corrosive and has excellent heat transfer properties
  • If a leak occurs, it is contained to the chiller capacity
  • The temperature and pressure (hence flow rate) are tightly controlled. Flow rates are often interlocked in a PVD tool so a fluctuating coolant supply can freeze the tool
  • Environmentally, a chiller uses far less resource than mains water
  • Dedicated chiller systems located in close proximity to the point of use are normally more controlled than a central chiller system due to the differential and absolute pressure range. This is of particular relevance to PVD sputtering systems where absolute pressure must be regulated due to the magnetron cooling plate limitations

Moorfield now offer a range of laboratory-based closed-loop recirculating chillers for general laboratory use or on PVD, CVD and RIE tools.

Find out more and get a quote from us here.

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