Edwards e306

Moorfield have been working with the Edwards E306 system for more than 2 decades.
Edwards e306

We have highly experienced engineers who can refurbish, re-engineer and service your unit.

We can also provide commonly-used spare parts. We can work with most system configurations, including units set up for thermal or e-beam evaporation, and magnetron sputtering.


Moorfield offer a refurbishment service for Edwards E306 units, including for conversion to other techniques.

There are many Edwards E306 systems around the world, and they are getting old!

Our team of experienced engineers are able to refurbish or recondition your Edwards E306 unit. Common tasks include:

  •  Cleaning or repairing old components
  •  Replacing obsolete components with modern equivalents
  •  Modifying in-chamber techniques to fit new applications
  •  For examples of configurations that we can work to, see the listings below

For most jobs, work is carried out at our factory where we have the tools and facilities required. However, we are able to carry out simple tasks at your location.

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  • Emergency call-out service
  • Annual maintenance packages
  • System commissioning/decommissioning
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Typical configurations

    Edwards E306 Thermal
    We can provide standard Edwards layouts available including 1, 2 or 3 boat configurations with interspaced shielding. 4 boat TE4 with optional co-deposition mode. Replacement thermal control systems either console or 19″ rack-mount based.

    Edwards E306 Sputtering
    Standard Edwards layouts available including 1, 2 or 3 head configurations with interspaced shielding. RF, DC and pulsed DC supplies. Sample bias stages. Replacement quartz crystal control systems for PID loop deposition control.

    Edwards E306 E-beam
    Repair and refurbishment of standard Edwards EBE1 and EBE3 configurations available. New and upgraded power supplies. Heated/cooled sample stages. Replacement quartz crystal control systems for PID loop deposition control. Retrofitted 4 or 6 hearth e-beam sources with manual or auto indexation.

    Edwards E306 Hybrid
    Moorfield specialise in E306 multi-technique system configurations. Examples (of many possible configurations) include: E-beam with thermal evaporation, low-temperature with standard thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering with thermal evaporation, sputtering with e-beam. The chamber is small, but it can be done!

    Edwards E306 Control Options
    Safety interlock upgrades, gauging upgrades, PLC control upgrades and deposition control upgrades using quartz crystal sensors.

    Service requirements

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    Please note

    The Edwards E306 is a legacy system which is no longer sold by Moorfield.

    We do still offer refurbishments and services.

    An equivalent modern system would be the Moorfield nanoPVD T15A.