Benchtop CVD systems for high-quality graphene synthesis, with rapid operation for on-demand sample production.

A benchtop graphene CVD system for rapid, on-demand synthesis of high-quality graphene. Fully automated cold-wall technology for reduced contamination and running costs, and enhanced conditions control.
A compact, plasma-enhanced, wafer-scale CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) system for rapid synthesis of high-quality graphene.

Graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been the focus of huge research efforts, given their unique electrical, mechanical and structural properties.

Thanks to these properties, their introduction is expected to prove disruptive for a huge range of applications. In addition, exotic characteristics of these materials mean they will enable new types of devices and products.

The nanoCVD range from Moorfield are compact, benchtop tools providing rapid, high-quality production of graphene or CNTs, ideal for research groups focussed on carbon nanomaterial applications who need a reliable source of on-demand samples. The systems are based on cold-wall designs associated with key benefits in comparison to hot-wall (tube furnace) counterparts:

  • Rapid heating to synthesis temperatures, and cooling
  • Enhanced conditions control and process reproducibility
  • Low-contamination operation
  • Reduced resource usage and low running costs
  • Compact tools for straightforward location

All nanoCVD systems are easy to connect, quick to install and are backed-up by expert support. Touchscreen HMIs provide for recipe-based, multi-stage process control covering all crucial conditions.

Key features

  • Ultra-compact, benchtop, CVD system
  • Reproducible synthesis of high-quality graphene
  • Precise control of conditions
  • 1100 °C maximum temperature
  • Process times <30 minutes
  • 20 × 40 mm2 maximum substrate size
  • Fully-automatic
  • User-friendly, touchscreen HMI operation
  • Define/save multiple growth recipes
  • PC connection for data-logging
  • Equipped for easy servicing
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Proven performance
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