University of Bath

Moorfield recently supplied a nanoPVD-T15A to the University of Bath, UK. Find out more about the system here.
University of Bath

Our research focusses on electrochemistry, energy materials and perovskite photovoltaics. We were looking for a reliable and easy-to-use bench top evaporator. Our new Moorfield nanoPVD-T15A thermal evaporation system allows for high-quality metal deposition for electrodes and photovoltaic contacts. We also like the fact that the system is modular and can be easily upgraded to allow low temperature evaporation of organics. Our nanoPVD-T15A has quickly become a critical facility and is now used on a daily basis.


Moorfield’s service has been lightning fast. Their product support has been flawless and second to none.

DR MATTHEW COLE – University Lecturer (Asst. Prof.) FIMMM, FIET, CEng
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