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PVD Techniques

Moorfield are experienced in all common PVD techniques and can supply systems with fully-integrated component sets. Standalone components also available.

Electron Beam Evaporation

Electron-Beam Evaporation

Electron-beam (e-beam) evaporation is a type of physical vapour deposition in which a material to be deposited is heated to a temperature at which it evaporates, by bombardment with a beam of electrons.

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Knowledgebase: Electron-Beam Evaporation


Thermal EvaporationThermal Evaporation

Thermal evaporation is a common, straightforward means of thin film deposition typically used to deposit metals. Materials are heated, under vacuum, to temperatures at which they evaporate or sublime 

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Knowledge base: Thermal Evaporation



Low temperature evaporationLow-Temperature Evaporation

Low-temperature evaporation, or LTE, is ideal for deposition of high vapour-pressure materials such as organic compounds used in OLED and photovoltaic technologies. 

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Knowledge base: Low-Temperature Evaporation



Magnetron SputteringMagnetron Sputtering

In sputtering, deposition material is ejected from a target surface through bombardment by plasma ions. The technique is suited to high melting-point materials and provides excellent coating-substrate adhesion. 
Knowledge base: Magnetron Sputtering

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