Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition

Nanoparticle vacuum deposition sources allow for the deposition, under high-vacuum conditions, of nanoparticles with sizes in the range of 1–20 nm. The sources can be fitted to MiniLab systems with process chambers customised for accepting the necessary hardware.

Nanoparticle vacuum deposition sources use sputtering to eject material from targets (up to 3 can be fitted to each source) positioned at one end of the source. Using a complex differential pumping system, controlled independently from that of the process chamber, the material is guided through the length of the source to emerge from an orifice at the far end as a stream of nanoparticles that are aimed at substrates. Substrates are supported on stages that can be equipped with the wide range of functionalities available as standard with the MiniLab range including heating, cooling, tilt, rotation and bias.

With fine control of process, substrates can be coated with nanoparticles of particular size ranges. Sources can also be equipped with quadrupole mass spectrometry (QMS) modules for characterising the nanoparticle sizes as they are being coated.

The sources can be combined with other techniques such as magnetron sputtering inside the same chamber, allowing for highly versatile vacuum deposition systems.

We have recently designed, built and installed our first MiniLab tool with a nanoparticle vacuum deposition source at the group laboratories of Professor Christian Mitterer at Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria.

Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition products

MiniLab 060
The most popular platform in our MiniLab range, MiniLab 060 systems have front-loading box-type chambers ideal for multiple-source magnetron sputtering but also thermal and e-beam evaporation.
MiniLab 080
MiniLab 080
MiniLab 080 systems offer tall chambers ideally suited for thermal, LTE and e-beam evaporation techniques requiring longer working distances for optimum uniformity.
MiniLab 090
MiniLab 090
MiniLab 090 systems are glovebox-compatible for atmosphere-sensitive applications. Tall chambers are ideal for high-performance evaporation, but magnetron sputtering is also available.
MiniLab 125
MiniLab 125
MiniLab 125 tools take the modular concept to the pilot-scale level. Large chambers allow for increased-size component sets for coating large areas, and a range of load-lock options enable high-throughput operation. At the same time, systems are fully cust

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Knowledge base

Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition Sources
Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition Sources
Moorfield MiniLab systems are now available with specialised sources for the vacuum deposition of ultra-pure vacuum deposited nanoparticles….

Recent news about Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition

MiniLab 125 Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition Tool
First Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition Tool Shipped
At Moorfield, we are constantly developing the capabilities of our research tools. This month saw the first installation of a MiniLab tool equipped with a nanoparticle vacuum deposition source. …

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