e306 spares and components

Do you have an Edwards e306? They're old systems, but Moorfield can support them!
Edwards e306 spares

At Moorfield we have specialised in PVD systems for some time. We also carry out repair, rebuild and upgrades on the Edwards E306 and E306a systems. Services include:

  • Site service and troubleshooting on E306 systems.
  • In-house refurbishment and upgrades

We can also supply spares packages for on-going support on the 306 system.

Service kits generally include:

  • All top plate o-rings
  • Roughing and backing o-rings
  • Zeolite for the foreline trap
  • Cleaning materials such as scotchbrite (and we also include latex gloves)
  • L-gaskets for the bell jar
  • Filters for the EMF, both odour and mist elements
  • Replacement heaters

Take a look at our e306 components

Edwards pump service

Edwards has long been one of the world’s leading vacuum pump manufacturers.

Moorfield has been servicing and supplying pump spares for most types of Edwards pumps for over 20 years. Our staff are highly trained and include ex-Edwards service trained personnel.

Our Knutsford Head office, located near Manchester is an ideal service hub for pump repair in the United Kingdom.

Small laboratory vacuum series

  • E2M1.5
  • E2M2
  • E2M5 E1M5
  • E2M8 E1M8
  • E2M12
  • E21m18
  • E2M28
  • E2M30

Medium to large vacuum pumps

  • E1M40 E2M40
  • E1M80 E2M80
  • E1m175 E2m175
  • E1M275 E2M275

EH series Roots”rootes blowers

  • eh250
  • eh500
  • eh1200
  • eh2600
  • eh4200
  • eh4200DD 

We can also help with legacy vacuum pump service on the following models

  • Speedivac 2 SP2
  • EDM6
  • EDM12
  • EDM20

Scroll pumps also serviced and supported including Tip seals kit

  • XDS5
  • XDS10
  • XDS10c
  • XDS35i
  • XDS46i
  • NXDS6i
  • nXDS10i
  • nXDS15i
  • nXDS20i

We can also help with GVSP range of pumps too

Drop the team a line today – we will talk you through your pump repair.

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