Vacuum support to the print industry

Moorfield supply and repair pumps for the print industry as well as providing spare parts and kits for many makes and models of pumps

Print pumps by their nature are typically high-flow medium range vacuum pumps, generally single-stage rotary vane pumps, and sometimes oil-lubricated or dry carbon vane pumps.

The typical technical issues that we deal with are as follows:

  • Saturated oil mist filters creating excessive back pressure in the rotary pump “oil flooded type”
  • Oil filter blockage creating low flow and thus poor lubrication and poor vacuum
  • Bearing wear “critical failure” creates excessive heat and wears the seals quickly
  • Blade wear and creates poor vacuum seal on rotor and stator

Dry vacuum pumps are carbon-bladed and self-lubricating. The blades on these do, by their nature of self lubrication, wear out very quickly.

Typical pumps used within print industry would be as follows:

  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Rietschle vacuum pump
  • Mils vacuum pump
  • Gardner Denver pumps
  • Stokes vacuum pump
  • DVP vacuum pump
  • Heidelberg vacuum pump
  • Orion vacuum pump
  • Schmalz pump

Moorfield offer both vacuum pump repair and also vacuum pump spares for all the major Print industry pumps. We can even provide you with loan and hire pumps to prevent machine downtime.

Supplied components include:

  • Print industry vacuum pump oil
  • Seals kits for vacuum pumps
  • Carbon vanes
  • Exhaust mist filters
  • Bearings and bushes
  • Major parts including rotors and stators

For further help or information contact our team of experienced engineers.

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