Vacuum technology training courses

In-house knowledge and expertise can save your company thousands in consultation fees and repairs to your equipment. Moorfield now offer educational courses on: Vacuum pump

Engineered to Defection

Researchers at the University of Cambridge and Nokia Research Centre have used Moorfield’s nanoETCH to carefully ‘damage’ single graphene sheets in order to minimise contact resistances in

Moorfield announces new product range: ANNEAL

Moorfield are pleased to announce their latest product range—ANNEAL systems for 2D materials research! ANNEAL systems contain stainless steel vacuum chambers fitted with various heating

Featured: “System-on-a-Flange”

Take the hassle out of component integration with Moorfield “System-on-a-Flange”! Configurable for evaporation, sputtering, ion sources and more, and with all flange options covered for

Graphene growth by chemical vapor deposition process on copper foil

Macháč, P., et al. ElectroScope 2016 The paper demonstrates the production of graphene using the cold-walled method as implemented in the nanoCVD-8G. Link: Moorfield products: nanoCVD-8G

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