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The MiniLab range from Moorfield: Flexible, modular PVD systems for high-quality R&D and pilot-scale production.

MiniLab 026

MiniLab 026 systems are compact floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers. Suitable for metal, dielectric and organics deposition via evaporation and sputtering techniques.

MiniLab 060

MiniLab 060 systems have cubic chambers ideal for magnetron sputtering (up to 4 × 3″ diameter sources), but that can also be fitted with evaporation components. The smallest MiniLab that can be fitetd with a load-lock

MiniLab 080

Tall chambers ideally suited for evaporation techniques that require longer working distances for optimum uniformity.

MiniLab 090

Glovebox-compatible chambers with front and rear doors that are suitable for supporting all major deposition techniques.

MiniLab 125

Large cubic chambers for large-scale R&D up to pilot-scale production. Capable of holding all PVD techniques, and can be fitted with load-locks and planetary stages for high-throughput operation.

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