Fluorinated Gas Etching

This has allowed nanoETCH and MiniLab tools fitted with reactive ion etching (RIE) hardware to be used for removal of a wide range of materials far beyond those structured on carbon — for which the etching range was originally created more than 10 years ago. In recent times, we have worked with academic and industrial […]

Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition Sources

Nanoparticle Vacuum Deposition Sources

At their heart, these sources consist of 1–3 magnetron sputtering sources. Material generated from these passes down an extended tube where it aggregates into nanoparticles of sizes 1–20 nm. At the end of the tube, the nanoparticles are ejected through an orifice into a process chamber where they coat a supported substrate. Applications of vacuum-deposited […]

New dedicated sputter targets site launched

Sputter targets

Due to steadily increasing demand, Moorfield have released a new standalone website just for sputter targets! As industry leaders in high-vacuum PVD, CVD, and etch systems, we can offer a huge range of sputtering targets, as well as expert advice and guidance for your project. The new site showcases some of the most popular targets […]

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