Plasma etching stages from Moorfield

Plasma etching is an excellent way to clean substrate surfaces, promote adhesion and optimise sample quality layers
Etching stage

Cleaning surfaces before PVD of functional layers is critical for removing contamination and promoting adhesion. It is, therefore, an attractive means for optimising fabricated device performance.

Plasma etching is an excellent means of cleaning, with reactive species bombarding surfaces and removing layers through physical and chemical processes.

Moorfield provide a range of substrate etch stages for substrates up to 8″ diameter. These are typically powered by an RF power supply (for compatibility with insulating surfaces) and have precisely controlled forward power and DC bias for control of impacting ion energies. All stages provide uniform exposure to plasmas formed from a variety of gases including Ar, O2 and N2.

Moorfield RF etch stages are available as standalone tools or integrated within a PVD system itself. When integrated, they allow for substrate cleaning and subsequent coating without breaking vacuum (atmospheric exposure can quickly replace removed contamination). Furthermore, it is then also possible to locate etching within a load-lock—confining removed material away from clean process chambers.

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