The nanoETCH implements Moorfield’s unique soft-etching technology and provides the fine etching control crucial for graphene and 2D materials research in a convenient, benchtop package.

  • nanoETCH system for soft-etching applications in graphene research.

Developed in collaboration with the Nobel Prize-winning group at Manchester University, UK, soft-etching technology from Moorfield is focused on the provision of low plasma powers, with high control resolution.

As a result, and in contrast to conventional etching solutions, the tool enables high-performance for key applications in graphene and 2D materials:

  • Substrate preparation for flake exfoliation: Large-area flakes through surface conditioning
  • Clean material patterning: Graphene removal without resist residues
  • Defect engineering: Creating defects in graphene layers

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As standard, the system is suitable for accepting substrates up to 3" diameter. A turbomolecular pumping system enables contamination-free operation. Substrates rest on a purpose-designed stage, and power is supplied from an RF unit engineered to allow for fine control at low powers. Together with carefully modelled in-chamber RF acoustics, this provides the tool with its unique capabilities.

recipe-based) via the touchscreen HMI. The system can be connected to a PC for data-logging.

The nanoETCH tool is now installed in leading graphene/2D material research labs, including ICFO (Spain), the Cambridge Graphene Centre and the UK National Graphene Institute.

Key features:

  • Benchtop configuration
  • Soft-etching technology: Precision RF power <30 W
  • MFC-controlled process gases
  • Up to 6” diameter stages
  • Fully automatic operation via touchscreen HMI
  • Define/save multiple process recipes
  • PC connection for data-logging
  • Base pressures <5 × 10-7 mbar
  • Equipped for easy servicing
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Proven performance


Available options include:

  • Dry backing pump
  • Fast chamber vent
  • Ultra-high resolution RF power control
  • Automatic high-resolution pressure control
  • Additional process gases

System requirements:

All nanoETCH systems require chilled water, dry compressed air, nitrogen for venting (optional), process gas supplies, and electrical power.

Exact requirements will be provided with quotations or on request.