The nanoPVD-S10A-WA is a Wide-Area configuration that extends the capabilities of the nanoPVD-S10A to allow for even coating of substrate diameters up to 8″, in a benchtop package. RF and DC magnetron sputtering allow for deposition of both metals and insulating materials.


Physical vapour deposition

While keeping the same chamber design, the Wide-Area version of the nanoPVD-S10A contains magnetron sputtering sources oriented directly upwards towards substrate platens. This arrangement in combination with substrate rotation and exposure plates with specially-designed orifices allows for coating of substrates up to 8″ diameter for applications in which tight uniformity specifications are not critical.

Like the nanoPVD-S10A, magnetrons are water-cooled for sustained high-power operation and accept industry-standard targets. In addition, nanoPVD-S10A-WA units come with all attractive features of the nanoPVD range including turbomolecular pumping systems, recipe-based automated operation via touchscreen HMIs, and compact designs for benchtop location.

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Key features

  • Application-specific configuration for the nanoPVD-S10A
  • Uniform coating for substrates up to 8” diameter
  • Water-cooled magnetron sputtering sources for industry-standard 2″ targets
  • MFC-controlled process gases
  • DC and/or RF power supplies
  • Fully automatic operation via touchscreen HMI
  • Define/save multiple process recipes
  • Base pressures <5 × 10-7 mbar
  • Equipped for easy servicing
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Proven performance


  • Dry backing pump
  • Fast chamber vent
  • Automatic high-resolution pressure control
  • Additional process gases
  • Up to 2 magnetron sputtering sources
  • RF and/or DC power supplies
  • SputterSwitch power supply/source switching technology
  • Quartz crystal sensor head

Typical configurations

As per your requirements
The nanoPVD-S10-WA is a semi-custom tool, with final design being subject to customer requirements.

Service requirements

All nanoPVD-S10A systems require chilled water, dry compressed air, nitrogen for venting (optional), process gas supplies, and electrical power. Exact requirements will be provided with quotations or on request.

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