MBE vacuum chambers completed and delivered

Moorfield have supplied and manufactured two UHV chambers which will form the core of a new system in the Surface, Interface & Thin Film Group at Warwick University
Ultra High Vacuum

One of the chambers is a liquid-cooled MBE chamber with a total of 16 cell ports, designed for flexible deposition of low vapour pressure materials with applications in spintronics, thermoelectrics and photocathodes. It will be equipped with RHEED and QCM as well as a thermal gas cracker and ion source for surface cleaning.

The other chamber contains a mu-metal magnetic shield and will be used for LEED and electron spectroscopies (AES, UPS, XPS, IPES). Sample transfer will be achieved using standard carrier plates, and in addition to a regular fast entry chamber we will include a vacuum suitcase docking station for transfer to other UHV systems such as ARPES and STM.

Find out more about our vacuum chambers, and get a quote here: https://moorfield.co.uk/products-and-services/vacuum-chambers/

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