Innovative graphene transfer method developed using Moorfield nanoCVD-8G

team at Warwick University have developed an innovative new approach for transferring graphene from growth to application substrates. The new method results in less contamination and is faster than conventional methods. Prof. Patrick Unwin, who leads the team, commented: “this exciting progress provides a new approach for moving CVD graphene onto application substrates, which is currently a bottleneck for material commercialisation”. PhD student Guohui Zhang, who conducted the research, said: “the nanoCVD-8G system allowed us to create high-quality graphene, rapidly, which was crucial for providing the samples needed to develop and refine the method”.

An article detailing the work, titled “Versatile Polymer-Free Graphene Transfer Method and Applications”, is published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

A YouTube video showing the method in action can be found here.

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