Graphene transfer methods for the fabrication of membrane-based NEMS devices

Wagner, S. et al. Microelectronic Engineering 2016 DOI: 10.1016/j.mee.2016.02.065
In this work, graphene, fabricated using a Moorfield nanoCVD-8G system, was transferred onto pre-fabricated microcavity substrates using different methods. The devices were then investigated and analyzed with respect to yield and quality of the free-standing membranes on a large-scale. An effective transfer method for layer-by-layer stacking of graphene was developed to improve the membrane stability and thereby increase the yield of completely covered and sealed cavities. The transfer method with the highest yield was used to fabricate graphene NEMS devices. Electrical measurements were carried out to successfully demonstrate pressure sensing as a possible application for these graphene membranes.


Moorfield products: nanoCVD-8G

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