nanoPVD S10A



  • nanoPVD-S10A system for RF/DC magnetron sputtering

  • nanoPVD-S10A system installed in a cleanroom for semiconductor research

  • Looking down into the stainless-steel chamber of a nanoPVD-S10A system with 3 magnetron sputtering sources (cross-contamination shielding removed for clarity)

  • nanoPVD-S10A chamber with lid opened for substrate insertion/removal and source servicing—with the platen removed, 500 °C substrate heating assembly is revealed

  • Fitting substrates to the removable platen supported from the nanoPVD-S10A chamber lid

  • The nanoPVD-S10A is fited with an automated pneumatically-actuated throttle valve for pressure control

  • 3-source nanoPVD-S10A being installed at customer laboratory by Moorfield engineer


Benchtop, turnkey system for high performance RF and DC magnetron sputtering for metals and insulating materials. Compact as an electron microscopy coater, but with high-end hardware for research-grade results.

The nanoPVD-S10A is a magnetron sputtering system compact enough to be located benchtop, but that can be fitted with DC and/or RF power supplies (i.e., for deposition of metals or insulating materials such as oxides or nitrides). Magnetrons (up to 3 can be fitted) are water-cooled, allowing for high powers and sustained operation, and sized for accepting industry-standard targets. Units have turbomolecular pumping systems for low-contamination operation. Co-deposition is possible, as is reactive sputtering via the gas/pressure control module that can support up to 3 process gases.

Chamber access is via a hinged lid, that opens to reveal a stage suitable for holding substrates up to 4" diameter.

The units are easy to control via a touchscreen HMI interface, simple to maintain, have low running costs and come with a comprehensive range of safety features.

Key features:

  • Benchtop configuration
  • Water-cooled magnetron sputtering sources for industry-standard 2" targets
  • MFC-controlled process gases
  • DC and/or RF power supplies
  • Fully automatic operation via touchscreen HMI
  • Define/save multiple process recipes
  • Up to 4” diameter substrates
  • Base pressures <5 × 10-7 mbar
  • Equipped for easy servicing
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Proven performance


Available options include:

  • Dry backing pump
  • Fast chamber vent
  • Automatic high-resolution pressure control
  • Additional process gases
  • 500 °C substrate heating stage
  • Substrate rotation, Z-shift and shutters
  • Up to 3 magnetron sputtering sources
  • RF and/or DC power supplies
  • SputterSwitch power supply/source switching technology
  • Co-deposition
  • Quartz crystal sensor head


Examples of common nanoPVD-S10A configurations are:

  • Metals deposition: 2 magnetrons with DC power supply and SputterSwitch module for shared output, substrate Z-shift and bi-shutter for best 4" substrate geometries, quartz crystal sensor head for rate/thickness calibration.
  • TCO/dielectrics sputtering: 2 magnetrons with RF power supply and SputterSwitch module for shared output, substrate heating and additional oxygen process gas line for enhanced film properties, substrate Z-shift and bi-shutter. Quartz crystal sensor head.
  • Reactive/co-deposition: 3 magnetrons with RF and DC power supplies and SputterSwitch module for fully-flexible power supply/source routing. 3 process gases (argon, oxygen and nitrogen) for reactive deposition of oxides and nitrides.

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Service Requirements:

All nanoPVD-S10A systems require chilled water, dry compressed air, nitrogen for venting (optional), process gas supplies, and electrical power.

Exact requirements will be provided with quotations or on request.

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