Tools That Fit Like a Glove

Research-grade vacuum deposition with inert sample handling Where samples or deposition materials are air sensitive, a glovebox-integrated PVD tool is a must. Moorfield are experienced

nanoPVD-T15A video

Moorfield’s nanoPVD-T15A new video

We’ve recently created a new video overview for our benchtop evaporator The nanoPVD-T15A is compact for benchtop location, and is ideal for both metals and

New nanoPVD-S10A Video

New Overview Video for our Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) System   Take a look at the full system specifications here

Featured: Straight to the Source

Moorfield stock a range of high-vacuum magnetron sputtering heads for industry-standard diameter targets. Easy target replacement and maintenance. Available with or without FlexiHead mounting for

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