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Magnetron sputtering systems

Minilab magnetron sputtering systems

The MiniLab range from Moorfield: Flexible, modular PVD systems for high-quality R&D and pilot-scale production.

MiniLab 026

MiniLab 026 systems are compact floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers. Suitable for metal, dielectric and organics deposition via evaporation and sputtering techniques.

MiniLab 060

MiniLab 060 systems have cubic chambers ideal for magnetron sputtering (up to 4 × 3″ diameter sources), but that can also be fitted with evaporation components. The smallest MiniLab that can be fitetd with a load-lock

MiniLab 080

Tall chambers ideally suited for evaporation techniques that require longer working distances for optimum uniformity.

MiniLab 090

Glovebox-compatible chambers with front and rear doors that are suitable for supporting all major deposition techniques.

MiniLab 125

Large cubic chambers for large-scale R&D up to pilot-scale production. Capable of holding all PVD techniques, and can be fitted with load-locks and planetary stages for high-throughput operation.

nanoPVD magnetron sputtering systems

A high-performance, high-vacuum PVD system in a compact package for benchtop location. Superior, efficient performance for a multitude of R&D thin-film deposition applications.

Model S10A

Magnetron sputtering with RF and/or DC power

Benchtop, turnkey system for high-performance magnetron sputtering. Up to 3 sources for 2″ targets, RF and DC power supplies, and up to 3 MFC-controlled process gas lines for standard or reactive sputtering.

Model S10A, Wide-Area (WA) configuration

Magnetron sputtering, wide-area

The nanoPVD-S10A-WA system is an enhanced, application-specific version of the model S10A that allows for even coating on substrates up to 8″ diameter.

Model T15A

Thermal evaporation for organics and metals deposition

Benchtop, turnkey system for high-performance evaporation. Up to 4 low-temperature evaporation (LTE) sources for organics and 2 standard thermal evaporation sources for metals.

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