Glovebox Soft-Etching

Moorfield introduce their glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 “soft-etching” tools for researchers working on graphene and 2D materials that require sample handling in inert atmospheres.

Graphene and 2D materials research often requires sample handling in inert environments.

With etching also a common requirement, Moorfield now offer glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 systems with soft-etching hardware built in.

  • Combined soft-etching and annealing system based on MiniLab 026 system, ready for installation

Glovebox Soft-Etching with Moorfield Systems:

Soft-etching technology provides low plasma powers with high-resolution control, and is ideal for multiple applications.

  • Substrate preparation for mechanical exfoliation
  • Material patterning\
  • Defect engineering
MiniLab 026 for glovebox soft-etching

MiniLab 026

Compact, floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers

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nanoETCH soft-etching systems

Other soft-etching systems

Moorfield provide a range of soft-etching systems, with and without glovebox-compatibility

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