Glovebox Annealing

Glovebox Annealing Integrated MiniLab systems with annealing hardware for substrate heating under controlled conditions, and transfer to/from inert atmospheres.

A variety of R&D applications require substrate heating under controlled conditions, e.g., for device or functional material preparation

Often, sample transfer to and from inert atmospheres is a co-requirement and in this case Moorfield are able to assist.

  • Glovebox setup with MiniLab 026 annealing system (left-most tool withint the glovebox setup), MiniLab 090 e-beam evaporation system and nanoETCH tool

Glovebox-compatible MiniLab 026 systems can be fitted with a variety of heating technologies:

  • Quartz lamp: This technology uses quartz lamps to generate IR radiation. A cost-effective means of heating for substrate temperatures up to 500 °C, and compatible with most atmospheres.
  • Carbon-carbon composite (CCC): Where substrate temperatures above 500 °C are required, CCC elements are used. Suitable for heating up to 1000 °C.
  • SiC-coated CCC: When high temperatures and oxygen resistance are required, CCC elements are coated with a resistant layer of SiC.

Heating stages for substrate diameters up to 6″ are available.

In addition, tools can be fitted with MFC-controlled process gases and fully-automatic pressure control.

MiniLab 026 for Glovebox Annealing

MiniLab 026

Compact, floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers

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ANNEAL by Moorfield

Other Thermal Processing Systems

Moorfield provide a range of thermal processing systems, with and without glovebox-compatibility

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