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Glovebox systems

Glovebox-compatible MiniLab systems for physical vapour deposition (PVD), etching and annealing processes.

Glovebox Systems Overview:

For many applications, such as OLED, OPV and OTFT research, and graphene and 2D materials, samples are sensitive to oxygen and moisture and handling within inert environments is a must. In these cases, deposition tools must allow for transfer to and from glovebox enclosures with controlled inert atmospheres.

In addition to vacuum deposition, Moorfield can also equip glovebox-integrated tools with other hardware such as etching (including soft-etching) and annealing components.

Glovebox-Compatible MiniLab Tools:

Two platforms in the MiniLab range are suitable for glovebox integration*

*MiniLab 026 tools can be retrofitted to existing gloveboxes, while the MiniLab 090 requires a purpose-designed setup.

MiniLab 026

MiniLab 026 systems are compact floor standing vacuum evaporators with easy-access ‘clam-shell’ chambers. Suitable for metal, dielectric and organics deposition via evaporation and sputtering techniques.

MiniLab 090

Glovebox-compatible chambers with front and rear doors that are suitable for supporting all major deposition techniques.

Glovebox-integrated annealing systems

Glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 tools for high-temperature annealing, e.g., as part of device fabrication.

Glovebox-integrated “soft etching” systems

Glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 tools for “soft etching”, e.g., as part of graphene and 2D materials research.

Glovebox-integrated PVD systems

Glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 and MiniLab 090 systems for deposition of organics, inorganics and metals.

Glovebox Setups:

Moorfield is flexible to customer requirements and can provide systems to be integrated with separately-procured gloveboxes or include gloveboxes to form a complete package obtained from one supplier.

Our MiniLab 026/090 tools can be fitted to gloveboxes from most manufacturers including InertVigor and Jacomex. All gloveboxes are available with standard features such as water, oxygen and solvent purification units, oxygen and moisture sensors, transfer antechambers, shelving and lighting.

In all cases, Moorfield is experienced in working with glovebox design teams to provide hassle-free solutions.


Examples of combined MiniLab/glovebox setups include:

  • A single glovebox section housing a MiniLab tool.
  • A single glovebox section containing a MiniLab tool together with a spin-coater.
  • A two-section glovebox system with a MiniLab tool in one section and a spin-coater in the other, allowing for independent solvent and deposition work.
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