Moorfield offer a range of PVD systems, CVD systems, etch and annealing systems for producing and processing materials for a diverse range of technical fields.

We listen to requirements and build systems matched to specific applications. See below for an overview of our various product ranges.

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MiniLab Systems by Moorfield


Flexible, modular systems for high-quality R&D and pilot-scale production thin-film deposition.

Moorfield’s flagship range of high-end MiniLab systems are flexible, modular systems for high-quality R&D and pilot-scale production thin-film deposition. Infinitely customisable to address a huge range of customer requirements.

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Glovebox Systems by Moorfield

Glovebox Systems

Glovebox-integrated MiniLab thin-film deposition systems.

Metals, inorganics and organics thin-film deposition with pre- and post-process sample handling inside inert glovebox environments. Annealing and soft-etching solutions also available.

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PVD systems by Moorfield - nanoPVD


High-performance, high-vacuum deposition systems in compact packages for benchtop location.

Superior, space-efficient performance for a variety of thin-film deposition techniques including magnetron sputtering and thermal evaporation.

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Vacuum Evaporator Systems by Moorfield


Entry-level vacuum evaporator that enables high-quality thin films at an affordable price.

The system is flexible and retains an upgrade path in line with the product philosophy of the MiniLab range.

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CVD systems by Moorfield - nanoCVD


Compact, turn-key and scalable CVD systems for high-throughput graphene and carbon nanotube synthesis.

Cold-walled technology for rapid, reproducible production of high-quality material. All systems allow for benchtop positioning with minimal installation requirements.

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ANNEAL by Moorfield


High-temperature substrate annealing with precision atmosphere control.

A range of options, including heating up to 1000 °C, MFCs for gas/pressure control and a variety of pumping systems.

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Dedicated soft-etching systems for 2D materials research.

Developed in collaboration with the Nobel Prize winning graphene group at Manchester University, UK.

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High-performance coating for electron microscopy applications.

The nanoEM system is the first electron microscopy (EM) coating tool with a full research-grade feature set.

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Edwards E306 service and repair from Moorfield

Edwards E306

We provide service, repair and refurbishments for the Edwards E306.

We have highly experienced engineers who can refurbish, re-engineer and service your unit. We can also provide frequently-used spare parts.

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