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Vacuum pump oils

Moorfield can advise on the optimal fluid for your application. Your choice of fluid will depend on the application and the ultimate vacuum pressure your process requires.

Ester-Based Mechanical Pump Fluids
Diester based fluid for use in hot running pumps or where aggressive gases are being processed. Can also be used as a compressor lubricant. Available in various ISO grades.

Hydrocarbon and Ester Diffusion Pump Fluids
Highly purified hydrocarbon vacuum fluids for diffusion and vapour booster pumps. These types of fluid have a wide range of vacuum applications and are typically used in the large Edwards (formerly BOC Edwards) vapo “vapour” booster pumps.

Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluids

  • Phenyl methyl siloxanes formulated as a diffusion pump fluid for pumping large gas loads. Used extensively where rapid cycling is required. Ultimate pressure 5 x 10-7 Torr.
  • Tetramethyltetraphenyltrisiloxane shows excellent heat, oxidation, and radiation resistance. It provides fast pump down times with good ultimate pressure characteristics. 1 x 10-8 Torr.
  • Pentaphenyltrimethyltrisiloxane has excellent pressure characteristics and is ideal for ultra-high vacuum applications. Extremely low back streaming rate. Ultimate pressure 3 x 10-9 Torr.

PFPE Based Mechanical Pump Fluids
Perfluorinated polyethers are chemically inert and are recommended for pumping pure oxygen, explosive and corrosive gases, giving excellent pump performance and protection.

Hydrocarbon Mechanical Pump Fluid
Moorfield can supply a range of refined hydrocarbon oils of various purities and blends. Different Hydrocarbon oils are used depending on the pump type. A range of ISO grades is available.

Polyphenyl Ether Diffusion Pump Fluids
Ultrapure polyphenyl ether, operates efficiently, economically and safely producing ultimate pressures in the UHV range. Ultimate pressure 20°C of 4 x 10-10 Torr.

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