nanoPVD-T15A video

Moorfield’s nanoPVD-T15A new video

We’ve recently created a new video overview for our benchtop evaporator The nanoPVD-T15A is compact for benchtop location, and is ideal for both metals and

Northumbria University

Northumbria University

At Northumbria University, we are working on cutting-edge applications of various materials with a particular focus on photovoltaics. As part of this, recent installations of

Graphene soft-etching with the nanoETCH

Download this article as a PDF: Graphene soft-etching Moorfield graphene soft-etching technology allows for the controlled removal of graphene and 2D materials, without cross-linking photoresists

Confocal magnetron sputtering

Confocal Magnetron Sputtering

Download this article as a PDF Multi-layer films by confocal magnetron sputtering Confocal magnetron sputtering is now routinely employed for the production of excellent uniformity,

Thermal evaporation sources

Source Selection for Thermal Evaporation

Download this article as a PDF Click here Thermal evaporation sources A thermal evaporation (TE) component typically consists of power supply rods, usually fashioned from

nano vacuum Moorfield

New Australia & New Zealand Distributor

Moorfield Nanotechnology Limited (Knutsford, UK) recently announced the appointment of a new distributor for their PVD, CVD and etch products for the Australia and New

Moorfield Nanotechnology website

New website live

Moorfield are pleased to launch a new-look site Our new website is designed to be faster, easier to navigate, and more interactive than the previous

nanoPVD-T15A chamber interior with two TE1 sources for metals evaporation

PVD Techniques

Moorfield are experienced in all common PVD techniques and can supply systems with fully-integrated component sets. Standalone components also available. Electron-Beam Evaporation Electron-beam (e-beam) evaporation

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