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Moorfield’s nanoPVD range goes from strength to strength


Four recent installations in London, Sweden, and Norway

Our nanoPVD systems have recently been installed at Imperial College London, Queen Mary University London, Sweden’s Lund University, and the University of Oslo, Norway.

Moorfield have just installed a nanoPVD-S10A benchtop magnetron sputtering tool to Dr Firat Güder’s group ( at Imperial College, London. Here, it will be used for deposition of metals and semiconductors as part of world-leading research into the development of new classes of sensing technologies for applications in medical and non-medical (agrifood) biotechnology.

Imperial College London

Moorfield have just installed a nanoPVD-T15A benchtop thermal evaporation tool to the CREATE Lab biofabrication facility at Queen Mary University of London, to be used by Dr John Connelly, academic lead for the facility, and research groups from across the university who are developing micro-fabricated model systems and devices.

Queen Mary University London

The high-performance, high-vacuum systems are ideal for R&D thin-film deposition applications, and come in a compact, benchtop package.


nanoPVD S10A

Magnetron sputtering with RF and/or DC power

Benchtop, turnkey system for high-performance magnetron sputtering. Up to 3 sources for 2″ targets, RF and DC power supplies, and up to 3 MFC-controlled process gas lines for standard or reactive sputtering.

View system


nanoPVD S10A

Magnetron sputtering, wide-area configuration

The nanoPVD-S10A-WA system is an enhanced, application-specific version of the model S10A that allows for even coating on substrates up to 8″ diameter.

View system



Thermal evaporation for organics and metals deposition

Benchtop, turnkey system for high-performance evaporation. Up to 4 low-temperature evaporation (LTE) sources for organics and 2 standard thermal evaporation sources for metals.

View system
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