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Vacuum chambers

Moorfield offer advice, design and manufacturing of all forms of vacuum chamber. We can either manufacture to your specific design, or design to an application requirement.

Cylindrical and box-type vacuum chambers are a speciality and low-vacuum, high-vacuum (HV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) standards can all be accommodated. All port types and sizes can be integrated including CF, KF, ISO, Swagelok®, Cajon®, Nupro®, and many others (plus any mix of these). Viewports and service feedthroughs (e.g., electrical, water, etc.) can be supplied fitted.

We have built numerous vacuum chambers over many years. All models are fabricated to the highest industry standards and helium leak-checked for quality assurance.

Technical drawing services
Professional design is carried out using 3D CAD and drawings (including STEP files) are available.

Recent specialist projects have included liquid-cooled MBE chambers for spintronics, thermoelectrics and pohotcathodes R&D, and vessels with mu-metal magnetic shielding customised for LEED and electron spectroscopies.

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Vacuum chambers

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