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Recirculating chillers

Moorfield distribute a range of high-quality, accurate recirculating chillers.

Recirculating chillers are supplied primarily for our PVDCVD and etch tools but are generally applicable for most laboratory coolant requirements.

Features include:

  • Various tank capacities, cooling capacities and flow rates
  • Heat exchange to air or separate coolant circuit (e.g., house water supply)
  • Exceptionally low noise/vibration
  • Low power consumption
  • PID processor control setpoint ±0.1°
  • Green compliant—save on water consumption
  • Built to ISO 9002 CE Standards
  • Manufactured in the UK

Supporting components include:

  • In-line deionisers, with all necessary fittings
  • Communications ports to allow continuous monitoring and logging of temperature and alarms by an external computer
  • Condenser filters
  • Control fluid quick releases

Moorfield recommend that all chiller coolants contain a suitable inhibitor for prevention of corrosion and bio growth.

We are able to suggest units to meet specific cooling requirements so contact us today to discuss your application.

Installation, service and repair of recirculating chillers is always available.

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Recirculating chillers

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