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Throttle valve, non-shutoff, ISO-100

Throttle valve for mounting on ISO-100 ports, constructed from SS blade, body, and shaft, PTFE bushes, and o-ring seals. Not designed for use as a shutoff valve.

Ideal for use in cases where sputtering or any relatively high-pressure vacuum process is required, or in any situation where gas flow throttling is required to prevent pump stalling. Here the use of throttle valves is also advantageous through reductions to the quantities of process gases required. The basic valve is operated operated manually.

Alternatively, we can fit them with electrical motors or pneumatic components for DC or pneumatic valve actuation, respectively (SELECT APPROPRIATE OPTION BELOW). With such automated actuation, the valve moves between fully open and a mechanically defined setpoint.

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Throttle valve, non-shutoff, ISO-100