Tools That Fit Like a Glove

Research-grade vacuum deposition with inert sample handling Where samples or deposition materials are air sensitive, a glovebox-integrated PVD tool is a must. Moorfield are experienced

PC system control

Coming to a Screen Near You

A new feature for our flexible PVD range Our modular MiniLab systems are now optionally available with state-of-the-art PC control interfaces. While hardware control is


Evonetix Installation a Success

At Evonetix, we are pioneering an innovative approach to scalable and high-fidelity gene synthesis. We wanted to build a capability to evaporate metals onto various

Moorfield Magnetron

Sputtering Magnetrons & Targets from Moorfield

Moorfield MAGNETRON inside a MiniLab 090 Targets As well as complete sputtering systems, Moorfield sell a range of deposition components and consumables including magnetron sources

New Starters

New Starters for the New Year

Moorfield expands with two new team members for 2019. James on his first day learning about Moorfield systems (from the master) James Heath is now


At ICFO, we are working to establish a world-class research centre in new materials. As part of this, recent installations of Moorfield glovebox-integrated thermal annealing

University of Pisa

University of Pisa installation a success

Moorfield, together with Italian distributor 2M Strumenti, recently installed another nanoPVD-S10A at the Universita di Pisa. Here, it will be used by a team lead

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

At MMU, we recently established the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre to develop innovative technologies for harnessing the power of renewable energy. For this, we

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