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Complete systems for high-temperature sample processing up to 2000 °C, under controlled low-pressure, inert and reactive atmospheres

Self-contained systems for thermal treatment of samples under controlled atmospheric conditions

The T:VAC range consists of complete self-contained systems capable of heating samples or substrates of various shapes and sizes up to 2000 °C, in highly controlled vacuum, inert or reactive environments.

T:VAC systems are available in a range of sizes to match user application and available space. While all of our systems are efficiently designed to fit into environments where space is often at a premium, our smallest designs are compact enough to be situated bench top.


  • Semiconductor processing
  • CIGS thermal treatment/annealing
  • Materials brazing, sintering, or annealing
  • Hydrogen annealing
  • Nitrogen annealing


Each T:VAC system comprises a heater assembly, of particular size, shape and material, positioned within a cooled chamber that is fitted with connections leading to appropriate pumping and/or gas control components. Exact product configuration is extremely flexible, with the customer able to choose from a wide range of heater, vacuum and gas control options. Customers can either supply us with their required system design or may contact us to discuss their application, based on which we can recommend a system setup. For all orders, we conduct careful design verification prior to construction, including through the use of 3D CAD software that allows customers to visualize their systems.

All T:VAC systems are designed and built at our UK factory to the highest quality and safety standards by our experienced engineers.

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