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We're back from another demo tour, with more on the way!

20 November 2016

This time we took our nanoETCH and nanoPVD systems along to Paris, Caen and Toulouse for some live product demostrations. Thank you everyone who came to see us. Next up is Benelux and Scandanavia in early 2017.

ANNEAL system announced

Moorfield announces new product range: ANNEAL

20 December 2016

Moorfield are pleased to announce their latest product range—ANNEAL systems for 2D materials research! ANNEAL systems contain stainless steel vacuum chambers fitted with various heating technologies for annealing substrates up to 6" diameter at controlled temperatures up to 1000 °C. Options include a variety of process gases and pumping systems, together with automatic pressure control for precise, repeatable sample processing. All in a benchtop package! Find out more

nanoETCH featured product in Physik Journal

nanoETCH featured product in Physik Journal

17 October 2016

With all its unique features and capabilities, the nanoETCH is a featured product in the most recent Physik Journal (published by Wiley in Germany). Based in Germany? Click here to visit their website and get your copy!

New nanoPVD at Queen's University Belfast

New nanoPVD at Queen's University Belfast

29 September 2016

Moorfield has recently shipped the new bench top nanoPVD model S10A RF/DC sputter unit to Queen’s University Belfast, School of Mathematics and Physics. The unit will be used for high-quality dielectric films, wave guides and SEM sample preparation.

Moorfield at NanoInnovation 2016

Moorfield at NanoInnovation 2016

20 September 2016

Moorfield recently attended the NanoInnovation 2016 show in Rome, Italy and launched the highly successful Clean Tent portable clean room. The product proved very popular and over 50 demonstrations were performed during the show.

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