Glovebox Systems

Glovebox-compatible MiniLab systems for physical vapour deposition (PVD), etching and annealing processes.

Glovebox systems

Where sample handling in inert atmospheres is a requirement, Moorfield provide a range of systems based on our MiniLab series that can be integrated with gloveboxes from various manufacturers (e.g., Inert, Vigor and Jacomex). These tools can be configured for physical vapour deposition, etching and annealing work (or combinations of these).

Key features of these systems include flexible, customer-driven design, and cost-efficiency.


We can fit our PVD tools to a range of gloveboxes from a variety of manufacturers such as Inert, Vigor and Jacomex. Popular configurations include (not limited to):

  • A single glovebox section housing a MiniLab tool
  • A single glovebox section containing a MiniLab tool together with a spin-coater
  • A two-section glovebox system with a MiniLab tool in one section and a spin-coater in the other

The latter setup allows for solvent work in a glovebox section that is independent of the section containing the MiniLab tool.

All gloveboxes come with standard features such as water, oxygen and solvent purification units, oxygen and moisture sensors, transfer antechambers, shelving and lighting.

Glovebox-compatible MiniLab tools:

Our MiniLab 026 and MiniLab 090 ranges are designed with glovebox-compatibility in mind.

  • MiniLab 026: ‘Clam-shell’ type chamber, with the bottom piece sunk into the base of the glovebox.
  • MiniLab 090: Purpose-designed for gloveboxes, this is a box-type chamber with a front face that hermetically seals to the rear of a glovebox. There is also a rear service door for accessing the chamber interior from outside the glovebox environment.
Glovebox-integrated PVD systems

Glovebox-integrated PVD systems

Glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 and MiniLab 090 systems for deposition of organics, inorganics and metals.

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Glovebox-integrated "soft etching" systems

Glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 tools for "soft etching", e.g., as part of graphene and 2D materials research.

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Glovebox-integrated annealing systems

Glovebox-integrated annealing systems

Glovebox-integrated MiniLab 026 tools for high-temperature annealing, e.g., as part of device fabrication.

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